Conditions of Participation

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Status: May 2020

Terms of Participation in the Future Award

The Future Award (hereinafter referred to as the Competition) is presented by the German Association for Post, Information Technology and Telecommunications (Deutscher Verband für Post, Informationstechnologie und Telekommunikation e.V.). (DVPT), Weiskircher Weg 9, 63150 Heusenstamm), hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”. Further contact data, the commercial register data and the authorized representative of the organizer can be found in the imprint. The participation and the execution of the competition are subject to the following regulations:


In order to ensure the future success of companies in their respective markets, new ideas and innovative opportunities are constantly needed to further develop the business models. The Future Network with the Future Award and the Future Convention are initiatives and registered trademarks of the German Association for Post, Information Technology and Telecommunications. (DVPT) and promote holistic, interdisciplinary thinking with the aim of meeting the challenges that our digitized society is constantly creating with forward-looking concepts at an early stage. The DVPT connects its members and interested parties with the Future Network and regularly brings them together in a variety of events.
The heart of these events is the Future Convention, which takes place once a year. Here, the Future Award participants present their future models, their solutions for tasks in all areas of life and work. This is where the best projects are honored by a top-class jury, where those hungry for knowledge, visionaries and doers meet in workshops, discussion forums and lectures.
The Future Award enables creative students to present their social, technical or economic visions of the future to representatives from business, research and politics.
The Future Award is thus also a source of inspiration, a discussion forum and a pool of young talent for business representatives and investors from all sectors. Since 2006, the DVPT and its sponsors and partners have honored innovative ideas and concepts with the Future Award. Students from all courses of study are invited to submit their work. From social and intergenerational cooperation and media use to the next digital revolution, from art and culture to learning and living in the future. New trends and developments become visible every year with the competition.

1.  Participation

1.1 Who can participate?

  • All students who want to redefine our future in a visionary way and make a difference are invited to join us.
  • The competition is open to anyone who is enrolled at a state-recognised university, such as a university, university of applied sciences, university of cooperative education, private university or similar, and is of legal age. It is not relevant in which country the university is established.
  • Individual and group work is permitted.
  • Former students have the opportunity to submit their work, provided the work was created during their studies and the participants were enrolled at a university within the last 18 months, dated backwards from the deadline.

1.2 What can be submitted?

  • Every idea counts! No matter whether …
    … an innovative concept, a model, an idea or a vision
    … study, project, individual or group work
    … university, FH, BA, TU, … etc.
    … from a technical/design/scientific/… course of studies
  • The submission is not subject to any restrictive requirements and no finished business cases are expected!

It is explicitly allowed to go wild!

  • Important: Each submission and any related content remains the property of the author at all times!
  • In all cases, the organizer reserves the right to check the submitted documents carefully and finally approve the project. (see point 9).
  • Examples of topics can be found on our start page of the competition or in the topic world.
  • Projects which have been commissioned by a company or organisation or which have been created through the support of companies are not eligible for the competition.

2. Registration

Important notice:

Unfortunately, as things stand, we cannot yet say when the next award ceremony will be held.
The current corona pandemic and the associated uncertainties make it difficult for us to plan reliably.

Nevertheless, we are very much looking forward to your submission and will do our best,
to put your project in the spotlight with our resources until the next award ceremony can take place.

As soon as we can start again, we will inform you immediately!

  • Subsmission deadline: not yet decided.
  • To register, please use the online registration form.
  • What we expect for the submission:

– We are not interested in scope, but in innovation
– A written concept paper on approx. three DIN A4 pages
– In addition other media can be used
– The concept should contain:
> Short description of the idea
> What’s the news?
> Which change or effect in which areas is seen?
> What potential is seen (qualitative and/or quantitative)?
> What is needed to implement the idea

  • By the closing date for submissions, you have the opportunity to notify us of any changes to your project documentation.
    The participant is responsible for ensuring that his or her content does not infringe the rights of third parties (e.g. copyrights, ancillary copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights, personal rights, name rights, etc.).
  • If participants have made use of written or creative sources for their project, they are obliged to make these recognisable in writing as references. Content and design adoptions must be identified.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Anja Basta, +49 69 829722-21,

3. The winning opportunities

  • The competition will be awarded the following prizes:
    1. place, 2. place, 3. place, 4. place, 5. place (This includes prize money depending on placement)
    In addition, there are further cash prizes to be won from the competition partners as well as non-cash prizes such as high-quality coaching sessions and workshops.
    The exact amounts can be found on the start page of the competition, as they can be updated up to the day of the event.

4.  Evaluation and determination of winners

  • After the submission deadline, the submissions will be made accessible to the jury.
  • The evaluation of the submissions will be divided into two phases.
    Phase 1: Jury phase to determine the finalists/nominees
    Phase 2: Visitors to the Future Convention and the jury will evaluate the finalists based on their presentation at the Future Convention.
    Please refer to the website for the jury’s composition.
  • The evaluation criteria are as follows:
    > Degree of innovation/originality
    > Benefits
    > elaboration/concept/traceability
  • The DVPT or the jury appointed by the Association is entitled to reject or subsequently exclude an entrant from the competition if his submission violates legal regulations and/or contains racist, pornographic, homophobic, violence-glorifying, sexist, political content or surreptitious advertising. Violations of these terms and conditions, attempts to tamper with the voting process and/or unfair influence on the jury will result in exclusion.

The partners’ special prizes may be independent of the jury. The special prizes will be selected by the partners from all submissions according to their own criteria and awarded at the Future Convention.

The decisions of the jury are not subject to appeal. Legal recourse is excluded.

5. Withdrawal of participation

  • Until the submission deadline, project participants have the opportunity to cancel their participation in the Future Award free of charge. (Contact: Anja Basta, +49 69 829722-21,
  • In the event that participation in the competition is not withdrawn in due time, the organizer reserves the right to charge a lump sum for expenses.

The special prices of the partners may be independent of the jury. The special prizes will be selected by the partners from all submissions according to their own criteria and awarded at the Future Convention.

The decisions of the jury are not subject to appeal. Legal recourse is excluded.

6. Consent to the publication of the project

  • With the registration and participation in the competition the participants grant the organizer the right to use the data for the registration for marketing purposes, in the sense of the project. Examples of this are:
    > Naming of finalists/nominees, e.g. on the website, in newsletters or in press releases
    > Mention in Future Convention event brochure/program
    > Mention in social media channels
  • Important: Every submission and any related content remains the property of the author at all times!
  • By participating in the competition, the participant declares to make any existing project video available to the organizer, so that the organizer may use it for marketing purposes in the sense of the project. The purpose of this point is that the organizer wants to convince further partners, interested parties, professionals and participants of the Future Network of the projects and make them visible in order to be able to support the projects online. The organizer is permitted to present and publish the videos on the competition website. The organizer is not allowed to edit the videos. The copyrights remain with the creator of the videos. The video must be made available to the organiser in the form of a link to a public video platform (e.g. YouTube, Vevo, etc.) or as a file.
  • Likewise, the registration data will be made available to partners and sponsors (project descriptions, links to websites and videos, logos, submitters) who award a special prize through their sponsorship and must therefore view the relevant projects. Partners and sponsors can be found on the website. However, the organiser reserves the right to add further sponsors and partners at any time.
  • The transfer of rights of use includes all physical and intangible uses in all forms and media, in particular the right of modification, the right of reproduction and distribution, the right of exhibition, the right of archiving and making available to the public, the ancillary printing right, the right of sound carriers, the right of sound and image recording, the right of film production, i.e. the right to edit and produce sound and image recordings as well as the right to use names and logos in connection with the publication of the submitted documents and photo and film contributions. Electronic reproductions on data, picture and sound carriers (e.g. memory card, USB stick, e-book, video, CD-ROM, BluRay) and in other media currently known or to be known in the future are also permitted.
  • The DVPT is entitled to process the submissions or parts thereof and/or to combine them with other works and to use and exploit the processing and/or the result of the combination with other works to the aforementioned extent. There is no obligation to pay remuneration to the submitter.
  • The submitter declares that the right of naming the author is completely waived with regard to the submitted photos and videos. Accordingly, he is aware that for technical and organizational reasons this will not take place in the imprint. In the event that the submitter is not the author, he expressly declares that he has made a corresponding agreement with the author (e.g. photographer, cameraman, programmer). It is important to the DVPT that the interests of the author are largely taken into account. The DVPT will make every effort – without any claim to this effect – to retain any digital watermarks attached to the submitted photos and videos, provided there are no technical requirements to the contrary.
  • The submitter will inform the DVPT of the use of GEMA-liable material (e.g. music, jingles, sounds, original sounds, etc.). The submitter shall register a GEMA-liable use with GEMA and bear the fees incurred there, also for any later use of the DVPT on his website and in an online archive on the Internet.
  • If the project participants do not agree with any of these points or individual points, the project participants have the opportunity to inform the organizer by February 15, 2019.
    Contact: Anja Basta, +49 69 829722-21,

7. The Future Convention with award ceremony

  • Due the current corona pandemic and the associated uncertainties the date and location of the Future Convention is not yet decided.
  • The winners of the Future Award will be announced on stage during the Future Convention.
  • At the Future Convention, each nominated participant will have the opportunity to present his or her idea/project at an exhibition stand as well as in the program through a 5-minute lecture. There are no costs for the participant. These will be provided by the organizer.
    The event is open to two persons per submission.
  • The stay at and in the venue is at the participant’s own risk. In the interest of safety and an orderly and smooth running of the event, the participant is in particular obliged to follow the instructions of the police, the organizer, the security personnel and the administration of the event location. The implementation of advertising measures (e.g. distribution of leaflets or advertising gifts, promotions) or other measures that go beyond mere participation in the event is only permitted with the prior consent of the organizer. In the event of violations of the registration and participation conditions and/or the house rules posted at the event location, the organizer is entitled to exclude the participant concerned from the event.
  • Several camera teams and press representatives may be present at the Future Convention and conduct interviews with the nominated participants and publish them afterwards.
    If you do not wish to do so, please let us know at the beginning of the day. In addition, please do not accept interviews with press representatives or camera teams.
    Contact us Anja Basta, +49 69 829722-21,
  • By participating in the Future Convention, participants agree that the exhibition stand, project participants, and the project will be recorded in sound and vision.
  • The organizer may use all media and interviews created during an event for publication and future advertising.
    All image and sound recordings may be used by the organizer for internal reporting and all possible further publications and publications in connection with the competition or the Future Network, in all available media, offline as well as online.
    If you do not agree, please inform the organizer as soon as possible.
    Contact us: Anja Basta, +49 69 829722-21,
    In the event of late cancellation of participation in the Future Convention and thus also in the Future Award, the organizer reserves the right to charge a lump sum.
  • The organizer reserves the right to cancel the Future Convention due to an insufficient number of participants or business disruptions. Any lump-sum expenses paid will be refunded without deduction. Further claims for compensation are excluded.

8. The Future Network

The competition is part of the Future Network of the organizer, and by participating in the competition, each project is also part of the Future Network. The Future Network organizes various events throughout the year at which participants in the Future Award also have the opportunity to present their projects. For this purpose, the participants give the organizer permission, together with partners, to address potential participants and invite them to Future Network events.

9. Disclaimer, limitations of liability, indemnification

  • In the case of slightly negligent breaches of duty, the liability of the organizer is limited to the foreseeable, contract-typical, direct damage. Insofar as the liability of the Organiser is excluded or limited, this shall also apply to the personal liability of its employees, representatives and vicarious agents.
  • The above limitations of liability shall not apply if the participant’s claims are based on product liability. Furthermore, they shall not apply to injury to life, body or health of the user attributable to the organizer or to damage caused intentionally or negligently by the organizer.
  • The participant shall indemnify the organizer against all claims asserted against the organizer by other participants or other third parties, insofar as this is based on infringement of their rights by the contents used by the participant or conduct during the execution of the competition. The participant also assumes the costs of the necessary legal defence of the organizer including all court and attorney fees. This does not apply if the participant is not responsible for the infringement. The participant is obliged to make available to the organizer immediately, truthfully and completely all information necessary for the examination of the claims and a defense in the event of a claim by third parties.

10. Data protection

Your data will be processed and stored by us in compliance with the EU Data Protection Basic Regulation (EU-DSGVO), the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Telemedia Act (TMG). A detailed reference to our data protection regulations can be found under the menu item “Data protection declaration” on the website

11. Final provisions

German law applies. Should any of these conditions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining conditions.

Legal recourse is excluded.

12. Impressum

Legal information

German Association for Post,
Information Technology and
Telecommunications e.V. (DVPT)
Weiskircher Weg 9
63150 Heusenstamm

Phone: +49 69 829722-0
fax: +49 69 829722-26

Authorized representative of the board: Klaus Gettwart
Tax ID No.: DE113527449
Register court: Local court Offenbach Register number: VR 787