Get to know our jury

It is important to us that the jury representatives come from a wide variety of backgrounds.
In this way, we ensure that the projects are viewed from different angles.
Our talent jury knows its stuff!
Because they have all submitted a project to the Future Award and even won it! With their perspective and know-how, we complete the views of the expert jury.


“Year after year, when I see the grandiose ideas that students come up with for the future at the Future Award, I am not afraid for the future. The companies in which these students will later work attract creative employees. It would be nice if much more of the ideas submitted would not just remain ideas, but find their way into business concepts.”

Wolfram Theymann, Strategische Personalentwicklung

“Experiencing one’s own self-efficacy has probably never been so important as it is today, especially during one’s studies: not being misled by the complexity and magnitude of the challenges. To realize that each individual can make a difference. FFF is the best example of this: “You can be Greta, too.”

Prof. Dr. Klaus Gourgé, Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt

“I am particularly impressed by the naturalness with which the young generation transcends disciplinary boundaries in developing their ideas for the future. The Future Award takes this into account in a unique way. That’s why I’m delighted to be part of the jury.”

Hiltrud H. Conrad, HIC FILMPR

“The Future Convention reflects the creative spirit of talented young people who want to help shape the future of the communications industry and highlight what is missing today through their innovative projects. It therefore provides first-hand experience and an invaluable insight into how the market could evolve in the future. An indispensable event for forward-thinking PR and marketing professionals”.


Seval Dogan, Marketing Specialist - DACH Region Business Wire Germany

“Innovations have always been a success factor for Ferrero – not only in product development. So it’s great that the Future Award encourages young people to explore the future, inspires them to develop new answers and shape dreams.”

Jan Flick, Project Manager Innovation Sales FERRERO MSC GmbH & Co. KG

“The Future Award with its projects is always inspiring and the cross-industry exchange is good and broadens the view. Students should be encouraged to question things, rethink and develop ideas. My aim is to contribute to a healthier future for all and to promote solutions that support communication and transparency for customers in the healthcare system”.

Andrea Galle, Vorständin BKK VBU

“The Future Award offers an impressive kaleidoscope of trends in communication and digital transformation. This is particularly exciting for Fink & Fuchs, as our leitmotif is ‘Understanding the future’. With the jury’s work, we can also express our appreciation for this great initiative”.

Michael Grupe, Your Content Goes Here

“Helmut Schmidt once said: ‘He who has a vision should go to the doctor.’ I, on the other hand, recommend the DVPT Future Award. You don’t often find a concentrated concentration of visionary lateral thinkers and innovative projects. What could be more exciting than dealing with the day after tomorrow today!”

Christoph W. Pohl, Freier Creative Director und Creative Management & Business Consultant

“The Future Award is a stage for young visionaries who want to help shape the future. The diversity of the projects gives us an invaluable insight into how we could develop as a society. As a member of the jury, I look forward to promoting new developments, innovative ideas and concepts”.

Marialejandra Rodriguez, Geschäftsführerin KALEIDOSCOPE Innovation Consulting

“I am a member of the jury because I am interested in the exchange with the young founders and because I like to be a sparring partner and supporter in the discussion about product opportunities, markets and financing”.

Thomas Schmitt, Geschäftsführer/CEO, Human Networks GmbH

“At this year’s Innovation Conference in London, one participant said: ‘Innovation is the quest to close the gap between the actual and the ideal’. I am very excited to see which of the ideas and visions submitted will be able to close our gaps and look forward to the Future Awards submissions”.

Michael Schneider, Leitung Advisory & Business Management, Innovation in Group Risk Management Commerzbank AG

“Anyone who thinks they are actually already living in the future of communication should take a look at the Future Award projects and be amazed!”

Ruth Annette Schriefers, Bereichsleiterin Programme, Medienkompetenz, Medienwirtschaft und Presse, LPR Hessen

Roman Retzbach
Board Member, CEO & Expert of Future-Studies & Scientist of Future-Sciences, FUTURE.INTELLIGENCES – Future.Consulting | Future.University | Future.Institute

Jens Freiter
Founding consultant for Steinbeis and project manager for digitisation projects
Founder of HolidayCheck

Christiane Krebs-Hartmann
Zukunftsforschung und Trendtransfer
Volkswagen AG

Jan Flick
Shopper Neuroscience

Seval Dogan
Marketing Manager Germany

Michael Schneider
Head of Advisory & Risk Innovations
Commerzbank AG

Ruth Annette Schriefers
Head of Programs, Media Competence, Media Economy and Press
LPR Hesse

Christoph W. Pohl
Freelance Creative Director and Creative Management & Business Consultant

Marialejandra Rodriguez
KALEIDOSCOPE Innovation Consulting

Markus Bauer
Consulting/ Project Management

Michael Grupe
Fink & Fuchs AG

Hans Joachim Wolff
Head of department commercial consulting, district management & business start-up
Frankfurt Economic Development Corporation

Christian Salow
altii GmbH

Anja Basta
Head of Future Initiatives

Thomas Schmitt
Human Networks GmbH

Hiltrud H. Conrad
Managing Director

Edmund Stössel
Moderator and Coach

Wolfram Theymann
Strategic Personnel Development

Sven L. Franzen
CEO / Marketingexpert

Klaus Imhof
Consultant for in-company training and VAmB
Business contacts
Vocational Training Centre Neckargemünd GmbH

Christiane Riedmann-Streiz
Managing Director
MarkenFactory GmbH


Anja Henningsmeyer
Managing Director
hessische Film- und Medienakademie (hFMA)

Prof. Dr. Hans Rüdiger Businessman
Head of Studies – Management and Corporate Governance
HdWM Mannheim

Prof. Dr. Klaus Gourgé
Head of MBA Program Trend and Sustainability Management
Nürtingen-Geislingen University of Economics and Environment (HfWU)

Bernd Draser M.A.
Philosophy and Cultural Studies
ecosign/Academy for Design

Prof. Stefan Schäfer
University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt

Prof. Benjamin Zierock
Faculty of Information, Media and Design
Chair of Design and Innovation Development

Dipl.-Ing. Angelika Plümmer
LA Architecture and Barrier-Free Systems
Department 1: Architecture – Civil Engineering – Geomatics
Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Ariane Schwarz
Holistic brand design
Brüder Grimm Berufsakademie Hanau

Talent Jury

“The unbiased, sometimes ‘naive’ view of complex problems often finds better solutions for our future. True to the motto: Everyone said: “That’s not possible. Then someone came along who didn’t know that and did it. We need young people with creative ideas and the necessary passion to drive innovation forward.”

Boas Bamberger, Mit-Gründer, Aivy; Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Universität Mannheim

“Young people have an idea early on. If these ideas are implemented today, then they will be present in the future. This means that the young people want to help shape their future present now. That’s exactly what I think is important and also good”.

Andrew Phillip Wulff, Junior Art Director, Kolle Rebbe GmbH I Part of Accenture Interactive

“The exchange with a change of perspective through the many different people from numerous industries and courses of study is particularly exciting at the Future Convention. Because in the future it will be important to think networked in order to be able to design and develop holistically”.

Nina Hanselmann, 2. Gewinnerin des Future Award 2019

“What I liked about the Future Convention was the many inspiring conversations with people from all walks of life. Whether other participants or experts, you could take a lot out of all the conversations. For me, the diversity of the audience was particularly exciting. Getting feedback from people from a wide variety of backgrounds was enormously valuable.”

Markus Mosig, Your Content Goes Here
Boas Bamberger
Boas Bamberger
Gründer, LolSkill Labs
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Universität Mannheim
Award-Teilnehmer 2016 mit dem Projekt “Transcending Reality”
Kristina Feinhals
Kristina Feinhals
Masterstudentin, Technische Hochschule Köln
Award-Teilnehmerin 2016 mit dem Projekt “Der Schuh fürs Pferd” und Gewinnerin in der Kategorie Sport
Wendy Fox
Wendy Fox
pixelpublic GmbH
Award-Teilnehmerin 2013 mit dem Projekt “integriti” und Gewinnerin des 9. Platzes sowie des Zusatzpreises von Sky Deutschland
Lászlò Földesi
Lászlò Földesi
Gründer, Speaker, Berater, Moderator, e.K.
Award-Teilnehmerin 2014 mit dem Projekt “Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft”
Jonathan Funke
Jonathan Funke
Gründer, TipMe
Award-Teilnehmer 2016 und Gewinner in der Kategorie Economy mit dem Projekt “Tip Me”.
Janina Renee Holley
Janina Renee Holley
Gründer, Blobb Bottle
Award-Teilnehmerin 2017 und Gewinner des 1. Platzes mit dem Projekt “Blobb Bottle”.
Alexander Knöß
Alexander Knöß
(Mit)Inhaber und -herausgeber, Redakteur, freier Journalist und Autor, Mut&Liebe Stadtmagazin
Geschäftsinhaber adMain – Nachhaltige Konzepte
Award-Teilnehmer 2015 mit dem Projekt “Die Offenbach-Card”
Adrian Kreiskott
Adrian Kreiskott
CEO, ReCure
Award-Teilnehmer 2016 mit dem Projekt “Reticulum”.
Dr. Marten Risius
Dr. Marten Risius
Assistant Professor, Clemson University
Award-Teilnehmer 2016 mit dem Projekt “Lecture Pool”
Gina Schöler
Gina Schöler
Autorin, Speakerin, Trainerin, Freiberufliche Ministerin für Glück und Wohlbefinden
Award-Teilnehmerin 2014 und Gewinnerin in der Kategorie Society mit dem Projekt “Ministerium für Glück und Wohlbefinden”.
Marie Vogelmann
Marie Vogelmann
CPO, ReCure
Award-Teilnehmerin 2016 mit dem Projekt “Reticulum”
Andrew Phillip Wulff
Andrew Phillip Wulff
Grafikdesigner bei Kolle Rebbe
Award-Teilnehmer 2014 mit dem Projekt “Lakritzkleid”