Important notice:

Unfortunately, as things stand, we cannot yet say when the next award ceremony will be held.
The current corona pandemic and the associated uncertainties make it difficult for us to plan reliably.

Nevertheless, we are very much looking forward to your submission and will do our best,
to put your project in the spotlight with our resources until the next award ceremony can take place.

As soon as we can start again, we will inform you immediately!

Registration to the Future Award

Please check whether all specifications are met and whether the uploaded files also correspond to the specified formats and maximum sizes.

If this is all correct and it still doesn’t work, please contact us at contact@future-award.com or via +49 69 829722-21.

You are also welcome to send us any documents you may still need. However, we need them by the final registration deadline (to be decided) at the latest.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please include your team mates when registering. For that it is enough to provide the number of team mates that are participating in the project. Also, please attach a current picture of all team mates involved in the project. In terms of sending the student ID, it is enough to send the ID of the current team leader.

General Questions

Applicants who can no longer present a certificate of enrolment, but the project to be submitted was developed within their period of study and is not older than the previous year, can still take part in the competition. For this purpose, a confirmation from the university or the responsible professors is required stating that the project was developed during the applicants’ period of study. In all cases, the organizer reserves the right to carefully examine the submitted documents and finally admit the project.

You can see the participation conditions here.

For detailed questions please contact us at contact@future-award.com or fill out the contact sheet at the bottom of the page.

Here you can find the past Winners of the Future Award.

If you have detailed questions please fill out our contact sheet.

The Future Convention

If you are one of the lucky finalists according to the jury’s assessment, it is important that you participate in the Future Convention, otherwise you will not be able to win a prize.

You can see the participation conditions for the Future Award here.

Due to the current situation around the corona virus, no date for the next Future Convention has been fixed yet. We will inform all registered students by e-mail if there are any news.

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For more important information about the Future Convention, please visit:

The Future Convention is one of the largest events for future ideas and innovations. Here young talents from all over Europe meet with business representatives. The Future Convention is the marketplace for new ideas, business models and innovations.

Future and trend topics are presented and discussed in workshops and keynotes. It offers you the opportunity to network and find new contacts and advantages for your project.

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